Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year is open!


Registration Information 2024-2025

Before & After School Care registration opens July 10th at 5 am!


Registration for the first two school days (Aug. 15th & 16th) MUST BE COMPLETE BY AUGUST 11th. Registrations after Aug. 11th will not be able to attend until Monday, Aug. 19th.

Registration may take up to 5 days to process. Your child may not attend care until registration is processed. 

Registration is available online!

Registration is also available in-house at the Richard Kane YMCA. 

*Discounts (BPS employee / Financial Assistance / Foster Families) are only available at in-house registrations.

For more information about School Age Care programs, contact:

Summer Buckles:

Program Locations:

  • Hoover Elementary School
  • Ranch Heights Elementary School
  • Richard Kane Elementary School
  • Wayside Elementary School
  • Wilson Elementary School

*Jane Phillips students are welcome in the YMCA Before and After School Program! With prior arrangements, JP students can attend before and/or after care at the Kane Elementary location. BPS transportation services assist the YMCA in bussing JP students from/to the Kane Elementary Before and After School Program to/from Jane Phillips Elementary for their school day. PRIOR ARRANGEMENT IS REQUIRED FOR THIS SERVICE. Please contact Youth and Family Director Summer Buckles before registering your student.* 

Program Hours/Fees

  • Before School Care: 7 am - 8:30 am 
  • After School Care: 3:30p - 6 pm

*Note: Parents do not drop your children off before 7 am or pick them up later than 6 pm. Early Drop off / Late Pick Up Fees are charged.

Fees: Fees are per student per month.

  • Y-Member's Cost: 
    • Registration Fee: $30.00 *non-refundable one time fee, per child*
    • Before School Care Only: $100.00
    • After School Care Only: $120:00
    • Before and After School Care: $200.00
  • Non Y-Member's Cost: 
    • Registration Fee: $30.00 *non-refundable one time fee, per child*
    • Before School Care Only: $150.00
    • After School Care Only: $180.00
    • Before and After School Care: $300.00

*Payments should be made payable to The Richard Kane YMCA of Bartlesville.

*BPS employee discounts apply by request. Must have current school badge present at the time of registration.

*Foster Family discounts apply by request. Must have Oklahoma Foster Care card or proof of foster care status at the time of registration.

*Discounts are only available at in-house registrations.

*Pro-rated fees are not available.


  • Children are entitled to a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. The program uses redirection, loss of a privilege, staff/child consultation, staff/parent consultation, and suspension from the program as measures of discipline. Unacceptable behavior will be cause for dismissal from the program.
  • If a child is chronically disruptive to the function of the child care program, his/her enrollment may be terminated upon the recommendation of the staff after reasonable effort to integrate the child into the program and after consulting with the site coordinator, the parent(s), the child care director, and the Richard Kane YMCA CEO. Notification of termination will be given at least 5 school days prior to dismissal.
  • A child may be suspended immediately for an indefinite amount of time for unacceptable behavior such as fighting, being disrespectful to staff, damage to school or program property, threatening others, and non-compliance of program safety rules. No refund will be given for days of suspension.

Payment/Financial Assistance


Initial payment is due at the time of registration, all other payments are required to be paid by the 15th of the current month. The monthly payment is the average rate based on the number of days the children are in school and spread equally into the 10 school months. Pro-rated and/or refunds for non-attendance and/or late registrations are not available. Accounts past due over 30 days will result in dismissal from the program. Only one discount per child may be applied to fees for qualifying families. All returned payments will be subject to a $25.00 fee. *Bartlesville Public School Employees must present BPS badge at registration to receive a discount.*

Financial Assistance:

Financial assistance for Before and After School Care may be available for qualifying families. Financial Assistance applications can be found at the Richard Kane YMCA, 101 N. Osage Ave. Any fees acquired before Financial Assistance applications are approved will remain due unless otherwise approved. Financial Assistance applications can take up to 10 business days to be reviewed. 

*Please apply well in advance and allow 10 business days for processing; program registration can not be completed until the financial assistance application has been processed. Financial Assistance applications for the first two school days must be submitted by July 31st to be processed in time. Applications submitted after July 31st will take 10 business days to process, and will not be allowed to attend the program until completion.