Game Play Rules


  1. A player who enters the game, then leaves the game, is NOT eligible for re-entry into the game.

  2. The pitcher may be replaced on the mound once per inning.

  3. All substitutions must be reported to an umpire and the opposing team’s scorekeeper/captain.

  1. A courtesy runner may be used once per inning provided the runner is the player who made the last batted out and the same gender.

  2. Any player who is injured while in the field will require normal substitution procedures.

  3. An automatic out will be awarded if a player who is listed in the batting order is unable to bat (assuming a substitute is not available).

  4. If a player has been ejected, an automatic out will be awarded at the time of player's at bat. 

    8a. No substitutes are permitted for an ejected batter.
  5. A female can only substitute for a female, and a male for a male.


  1. Fielding Positions: Teams must FIELD at least eight (8) players and no more than ten (10).

  2. Teams must have 8-10 players on the field:
    - 10 players (Minimum 5 females)
    - 9 players (Minimum 4 females)
    - 8 players (Minimum 4 females)

  3. Males and females do not have to alternate defensively in the infield, outfield, or at pitcher/catcher

  4. There must be at least two (2) females in the outfield, and at least two (2) females in the infield (The Pitcher and catcher count as infield in regards to this rule ).

  5. All infielders must remain in the infield and all outfielders must remain in the outfield (15 Ft from dirt) until the ball is hit.

  6. Pitchers will have the option to either wear a protective mask or use the screen when pitching.


  1. All batters start with a 1 ball, 1 strike count 

  2. Batters must alternate male, female

  3. If a male batter is walked he goes to 2nd base, the female batter after him has the option to bat or to go to 1st base.

  4. If a team's line-up is reduced for any reason other than injury, the team must take an out each time that position comes up in the batting order (if no legal subs are available).

  5. If a batter hits the pitcher from the knees up it is an automatic out. 

  6. If the batter hits the pitchers screen, first time is a foul, second time is an out.

  7.  A foul ball counts as a strike

  8. An intentionally bunted ball is an automatic out

  9. Batters who hit an infield fly ball are automatically out, runners may not advance.


  1. Runners must stay within the baseline and fielders must stay out of the baseline.

  2. If a runner has his or her foot off the base when the ball is pitched is immediately out.

  3. Fielders trying to make an out on base may have their foot on base, but must lean out of the baseline.

  4. Runners hindered by any fielder within the base line shall be safe at the base to which they were running.

  5. Leading off base and stealing are not allowed. A runner off of his/her base when the ball is pitched is out.

  6. After a batted ball is caught, runners must tag their originating base before running to the next base.

  7. Runners may ONLY overrun first base.

  8. The opposing team may appeal to the umpire that the player missed a base and the player will be declared out. If that player scored on the play, that player's run will not count. If that is the third out of the inning, all other runs scored by players touching all bases in order will still count.

  9. Players can’t block the plate. (runner gets priority).

  10. Each team is allowed one (1) courtesy runner per inning


A mercy rule will end all games if a team is ahead by 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings.


Each team is allowed three (3) over the fence home runs per game. All additional home runs over the fence thereafter are outs.


  1. The home team is responsible for keeping the official scorebook

  2. First and last names of players must be listed as in the case of a player protest,
    score books must clearly indicate complete names.

  3. Scorekeepers should check the game score verbally every inning to be accurate.


If a player at any time is ejected from a game the following shall be enforced.

  1. If a player has been ejected, an automatic out will be awarded at the time of player's at bat.
  2. No substitutes are permitted for an ejected batter.
  3. Aggressive behavior is grounds for immediate ejection.

 Penalties for an ejection from a game:

1st offense: 1 game suspension. (must be the next game for that league) 

2nd offense: 3 game suspension. (must be the next three games for that league and can continue into next season if the infraction happened late in the season).

3rd offense: Player will be suspended for one full year on the date of the incident.