Player Eligibility & Roster Rules



1) There is no residency requirement. 

2) Players must be connected through an organization/business. (Ex: all attend the same church; all work for the same company; are family members of an employee, etc.)

3) A player may play for only one team. Players may play or sub for another team when the team when the team they are a member of is not playing.

4) The minimum age is sixteen years. A player may start on their sixteenth birthday. 

5) All players must have filled out and signed the team waiver in order to play in the league. 



1) Each team must turn in an official roster with all players listed including name and phone number, before their first game. The roster is limited to 18 names. You may have subs that can be added and removed to your roster. 

2) Teams can put up to 10 players in the field. (8 minimum)

3) Teams can put up to 12 players in the battling order (1 DH - Designated Hitter + 1 EH - Extra Hitter).

4) A signed team waiver must have all players information, including names and phone numbers clearly printed and turned into the softball coordinator before the first game starts.